Exploring the Meaning of Different Flowers to Make Gifting an Easy Affair for You!!

Every flower has its own language and representation!! Before gifting flowers, everyone should know about the meaning of the flower you are going to gift. Imagine you send online flowers to your loved ones according to their choice and preferences, and that will be perfectly great an idea! So, if you are one of them who love to send flower as a gift, then knowing about the meaning of each of those flowers is quite an important aspect of gifting for you. 

With the help of various online portals, you can easily send flowers to Delhi, Chennai and anywhere you want. It not only be helpful to express love to your loved ones, but will also prove beneficial for reducing the distance between friends and families living far away from each other. Coming to the topic of flower meaning, here is a compiled list of multiple flowers with their meaning that gives you an idea on the meaning of flowers:     

Alstroemeria: This flower signify devoted friendship so if you have a friend like soul mate, then gifting a flower bouquet or bunches of Alstroemeria is the best idea to express your heart out. 

Apple Blossom: Gifting this flower to your loved ones is a best ever gift one can think, as this particular flower is for good fortune. If one of your family members is suffering from bad fortune, then sending flowery surprise likes this is absolutely an ideal gift for the deprived one. 

Carnation: This flower comes in different category such as striped carnation, yellow carnation and many more. Striped carnation is for refusal and yellow carnation is for disappointment. Both are negative expression, one is for refusal that may be a proposal, work or anything and other is to express disappointment. Mostly people avoid these types of expression, but if you want to convey that feeling to the one, who refuse or disappoint you, go for the carnation flowers. 

Baby’s Breath: You can give these flowers to the one you love and admire as a person. A flower bouquet and bunches of baby’s breath is suitable for lovers and parents. This flower denotes everlasting love and bond that are unbreakable and undisputed. To express your passionate love, try this flower and increase the charm of your relationship.

Daffodil Flower: Flowers like daffodil is for unrequited love. If you have a unanswered or unrequited love story, then gifting this flower to someone you love so deeply is quite good idea to speak your heart out. Mostly people feel awkward in accepting their one-sided love, but it’s not anything to feel shameful about. If you are the one who is facing the same situation, then this time give daffodil to him/her and move on. 

Daisy: This flower depicts innocence. You can give daisy bouquet to the one who are too innocent to handle and children are the best example of this. Daisy’s colors are perfect for the child and also have no side-effects. To express your innocent love, you can prefer daisy bouquet. 

Gardenia: It’s the perfect flower for secret lovers who do not have courage to tell about their love. If you also come in this category, then collect some courage and go to him/her with a gardenia flower bouquet in your hand and for the first time express your heartfelt love to your secret love. 

Heather: Heather is the flower which represents good luck. If any of your friend and family members needs luck, then this flower is suitable for them. 

Lily: Flower like white lily represents pure form of love that’s why lily flower is suitable for mother and father, as there is no any pure love and bond like parental love. They are the one who always remain on your side in your good and bad times, so gifting a bouquet of lilies to them is like expressing your respect and gratitude. 

Rose: After all these flowers, rose flower is next in the queue that represents passionate love. Mostly people prefer rose flower for their love and life partners, but you can also gift rose flower to your parents also. 

So, these are the list of popular flowers with their meaning. You can easily send online flowers to your loved ones residing anywhere in the world by just one or two click with the help of numerous numbers of online portals. Giftalove is also one of the renowned gifting portals that offer large variety of gifts online such as flower, apparel, cakes, and so on. This portal also provides the same day and express delivery option in case someone is in want of surprising their loved ones.