Explore the Variety of Low Maintenance Flowers Perfect for Busy Professionals

In this fast running world where everyone is busy in their life, it’s pretty tough for most of the people to take care of their flowers and plants. If you are the one who lives literally a busy professional life, then this write-up has something very interesting and useful for you. Every one love to see fresh flowers in their home, but due to lack of time it’s near to impossible to feel actual freshness of flowers without taking care of them. Whether it’s a mixed flowers or single flowers, they always need a special care for long shelf life. 

It’s really an unpleasant sight to see wilted flowers in your living space when you come home after a whole day of work. To avoid such condition, it’s essential to have knowledge about different types of flowers with their maintenance requirement and life span. There are many flowers that require low maintenance than normal flowers like rose and lily. Many online portals also prefer low maintenance flower like orchids over flowers that require more care. 

So, if you want to give some everlasting feel of fragrance and beauty to your loved ones who are living a busy life and have no proper time to give to their plants, you can send online flowers to Mumbai, Delhi and anywhere in just short span of time that will surely brighten up their day without doing much effort.

So, here are list of three plants that require almost negligible safeguarding from your side. 

Orchids are perfect
Many people are scared by the idea of having an orchid bouquet in their living space because of its delicate feel that seems like it’s very difficult to keep this flower alive. However, this is not at all true. They promote easy handling and you do not require much effort in protecting this flower from wilting. You also don’t have to be very much tensed about the placing of this flower, as it requires only little bit sunlight to survive. But, make sure to place it in south or east facing window. It’s the most perfect and beautiful flower for the professional people, as occasional watering is necessary. So, whenever you find time, you can water them. For better result, you can also put the ice cubes in the pot once in a week that make them hydrated.  

Lucky Bamboo Plant 
This plant actually does not require any soil, changing water, and pruning. This makes them an ideal choice for the one who don’t have proper time to care their plants and flowers, but want to decorate his or her living place with these natural beauties. If you are looking for something that requires minimal work, then bamboo is just something beyond perfect for you. When it comes to lightening, bamboo loves to be in light but not necessary a direct sun light. In watering, it requires a water change once in a week. Take care of their leaves, if they are curling it means more water is require. 

Cactus can be Beautiful
It’s totally a wrong perception in everyone’s mind that cactus can never look beautiful. In fact, if you love to go green with low maintenance, there is nothing better than cactus for you. It requires weekly watering in its mature state. You should prefer small amounts of watering rather than large one because it grows more frequently in small water. Make sure to do watering only when the soil is dried out and keep your cactus in the room where direct sunlight comes. The only thing you have to take care of is to give proper sunlight to this, as cactus always looks for light. 

So, these are the best three flowers that not only suits your and your loved ones busy life schedule, but also maintain a kind of freshness in your home with just a little care. As, plants and flowers are one of the great addition of beauty and calmness to any home or room, so give these low maintenance flowers and plants to your dear people through GiftaLove.com, one of the renowned online gifting portal that provide wide collection of gifts like mixed flowers and cakes. This portal offers you a perfect platform to buy flowers online with negligible shipping price. 


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